01 January 2010
On the 29th of November, the Asthma Society of Ireland awarded Nurse Mary Hughes from County Cork in Ireland the esteemed annual Órán Ó Muiré Bursary Award. The focus of the 2010 awards was to support a new nurse-led research project, which, when implemented, will improve the quality of care delivered to people with asthma and/or their families. The wining submittal, entitled “Adolescent Asthma Symptom Control; A Grounded Theory”, aims to develop a deeper understanding of how asthma effects adolescents, leading to improved future treatment guidelines. Mrs. Anne Robinson from County Wexford was chosen as the winner of the inaugural Volunteer of the Year Award, in recognition of her outstanding contribution to volunteering and fundraising for the Asthma Society of Ireland since 1998, after the sudden death of her son as a result of an asthma attack. For more information: Asthma Society of Ireland Press Release

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