The European Parliament (EP) debated on the proposal for a regulation on food information to consumers on the 15th of June, and adopted amendments on the 16th of June. The text adopted is available at the Parliament website . EFA, with the support of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) highlighted that this vote was a major opportunity to improve daily life of people with food allergy in a press release.The Green political group proposed an amendment in order to ask for European guidelines on allergen management, to regulate precautionary labelling, the so-called “may contain” labelling. Unfortunately it wasn’t adopted. However the adopted text states that common rules should be drawn up for the purpose of indicating traces of allergenic substances, so that people with food allergy can make safer choice (amendment 18). This leaves the door open for regulation of precautionary labelling of allergens, which are currently misleading and undefined. The EP adopted an amendment to ask for definition of a binding clear legibility concept for information on the labels after a consultation of stakeholders, instead of the mandatory 3mm font size proposed by the Commission. For non pre-packed food, information will have to be available on demand. There will also be a statement “cross-contamination cannot be avoided” on sign or menus. EFA is strongly opposed to these signs on the ground that it doesn’t encourage business operators to put in place good practice of allergen management, and misleads people with food allergy at the same level that precautionary labelling, since this sign concerns potentially all non pre-packed food served in the premise. There will be new opportunities for EFA and its members to raise awareness about the needs of people with food allergy regarding food information, as the European Council will take position in a few months, and it is likely there will be a second reading at the European Parliament. EFA Position Paper.

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