Non-communicable diseases, including chronic respiratory diseases, kill nearly 35 million people each year, including 9 million before the age of 60. The United Nations General Assembly adopted a Resolution on the prevention and control of non communicable diseases on 13th of May. The General Assembly resolved to convene a high level meeting on this topic in September 2011. Before that in September 2010, the socioeconomic impact of these diseases in developing countries will be discussed. The UN Secretary General was also asked to prepare a global status report on non communicable diseases. The World Health Organisation, which has put in place an action plan from 2008 to 2013 on non communicable disease,welcomed this resolution as tackling these diseases is considered to be a major challenge for this century, according to WHO Assistant General Director. This is a major success for the WHO Global Alliance Against Respiratory Diseases (GARD), where EFA is representing patients and which is spearheaded by Prof. Jean Bousquet. Source: WHO Media centre: The UN tackles non communicable diseases

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