01 June 2009

The First World Conference of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Patients held 14 June 2010 in Rome by the International COPD Coalition and EFA discussed and endorsed the COPD Patients’ Bill of Rights that should be launched and implemented in all countries: The right to receive early and accurate diagnosis; for information and education about COPD; for support and understanding; to receive care and treatment that will benefit them; to their fair share of society’s involvement and investment in their welfare and care; to advocate with other COPD patients and supporters for improved COPD care and COPD prevention and to safe air and environment. EFA and ICC call on policy makers at international, national and local level and healthcare professionals to work with patient organizations and make COPD, the fourth leading cause of death, source of unnecessary suffering and delayed diagnosis a public health priority by raising awareness about the disease, diagnosis and treatment, introducing strict smoking bans in public areas, creating and carrying out effective COPD prevention and management programs and ensuring that medication is available and affordable for COPD patients.

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