At the EFA AGM 30 May in connection of the Conference, president and two board members were elected. Svein Erik Myrseth from the Norwegian Heart and Lung Association was re-elected for his third period as EFA President. Otto Spranger from the Austrian Lung Association was re-elected and nominated by the new Board in their meeting 19 June to continue as EFA Treasurer, and Jenny Versnel from Asthma UK as a new-comer elected as board member. Jenny is the Executive Director of Policy and Research at Asthma UK and we are happy to welcome her on board. Nikoleta Grigorova from Bulgarians with Bronchial Asthma, EFA Board Member and Marianella Salapatas, EFA Vice President continue in the Board. In the AGM, the EFA Annual Report 2006, including annual audited accounts and budget, Work plan 2007, Business Plan 2006-2008, Code of Ethics and Conduct, new strategic frameworks for Communications, Policy Formulation, Competence, Sustainable Partnership with Industry and Sustainable Partnership with Foundations, EU Institutions and other NGOs. These are being reread and will be published at our public website soon.