EFA very much welcomed the European Commission Green Paper Towards Smoke free Europe policy options at European level , as a significant step in our joint effort for a Europe where everyone has a right to breathe healthy air at home, work, school, day-care, public places - everywhere, second hand smoke being the major pollutant of indoor air and as such cause of exacerbations and worsening of respiratory disease and even a cause of respiratory disease. The aim of the Green Paper, launched 30 January, was to consult on the best way that smoking at work- and public places could and should be tackled on European level, in addition and supporting the actions of the EU member states. After consultation with members, EFA together with our partner International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG) submitted a response strongly supporting binding measures without any exceptions on European level, in synergy with our partner ENSP and based on the Commission mandate to regulate health and safety at work, and explaining why this is essential for patients with allergy, asthma and COPD. All the responses to the EC consultation will be published at the Commission website and we will keep you informed on any developments. The European Parliament Committee on Environment and Health (ENVI), lead Parliament Committee on the issue, Rapporteur MEP Carl Heiz Florens presented the ENVI draft report in response to the Green Paper in their meeting on the 5 June. The deadline for amendments from his colleagues in the Committee is 12 June. On World No Tobacco Day, the EU Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou published the new Eurobarometer survey on Tobacco further demonstrating the overwhelming and growing public support of 88% for smoke free policies.

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