01 June 2007
- Air Quality

The results of THADE (Towards Healthy Air in Dwellings in Europe) project results have now been published in Allergy - a peer reviewed journal.

The project results underline the serious environment and health issue that poses air pollution in dwellings, which involves the medical profession, scientific societies, patients' organizations, lawmakers, architects and the building industry. 

EFA wishes to thank all the THADE experts, EFA member partners and scientific committee, and in particular Lally Franchi, the THADE coordinator and author and Erkka Valovirta, the corresponding author for all their hard work on this project. With the help of our members, we look forward to continue our work by emphasising the importance of healthy indoor air at European and international policy levels at a time when it is finally moving up in the EU health agenda.

The complete THADE report

Abstract of the article

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