01 April 2006
United Kingdom

On World Asthma Day on 2 May 2006, Asthma UK is launching the Asthma Control TestTM, a 60-second five-point questionnaire to help people really understand how well their asthma is controlled. The rationale for this test is that just 1 in 5 adults with asthma in the UK currently have their asthma under control; That means over 3 million adults with asthma are living with symptoms that impact unnecessarily on their daily lives. The Asthma Control Test will be the first ever asthma control census by Asthma UK - people with asthma will be able to complete the test online and will be given a simple score out of 25 and advice on what to do next. Results will be collated to paint a picture of asthma control across the UK. See for more information.