EFA is participating in EuroPrevall (Prevalence, Cost and Basis of Food Allergy in Europe), that draws attention to the 11-26 million people in Europe suffering from food allergies. The ultimate goal is to increase the quality of life of people with food allergies. The project, which receives financial support from the European Commission, has 54 partners in 16 European member-states, as well as Bulgaria, Switzerland and Iceland, and Ghana. Partners include 15 clinical organisations, six small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and leading European allergy research organisations. EuroPrevall brings together all relevant stakeholder groups involved in the food allergy business; as a first step to assuring the production of safe food to everybody, even for those who are severely affected. By increasing awareness, information and knowledge of food allergies, patient organisations have already been working successfully for many years in Europe. EuroPrevall’s strategy draws together not only education and information, but also the scientific, political and commercial angle to ensure that people with food allergies in Europe can eat safe food whatever their age or circumstances. EFA’s main role within the project is to ensure that patient perspective is incorporated into the parts of the project dealing particularly with management of food allergies across Europe and assess, develop and disseminate tools for patients. You can find further information about the project at EuroPrevall website..

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