A Dutch-based non-profit organization called 'Health Action International' (HAI) has produced a report in July 2005 entitled, 'Does the European patients' Forum represent patient or industry interests? - A case study in the need for mandatory financial disclosure' which discredits patient groups over pharmaceutical industry funding and for lack of transparency. This 'evidence' is being presented to the UK Health Select Committee's inquiry into the influence of the pharmaceutical industry with the support of UK MEP Paul Flynn and it seems that the spotlight is now widening the investigation to a European level with the Select Committee's report being prepared for presentation to the Council of Europe. EPF have had contact with the European Commission and Mr Flynn to clarify its position, innocence and new draft sponsorship programme, and regretted the fact that it was not contacted for information before the report was made public. EFA has also been contacted and has responded with full cooperation and transparency. If you have been contacted by any such organization or individual, we look forward to hearing from you and if you are an EFA member, please go to the EFA online discussion to discuss this further.

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