01 November 2005
Food Allergy
- Food Safety
The new labelling rules for foodstuffs in the EU will enter into force 25 November 2005. Following a successful campaign by EFA and our members, the directive aims to ensure that all ingredients in foodstuffs will have to be included on the label, which will enable consumers suffering from food allergies take better control of the treatment of their disease. The new Directive also establishes a list of ingredients liable to cause allergies or intolerances, which always have to be labelled with clear reference to their name and that this list will be updated according to new evidence. Last July the Commission published guidelines drafted together with the member states on how to label the allergens listed. Currently the best ways on how to interpret these guidelines from the regulators, allergic consumers and industry perspectives are being debated both at member state and European level. The directive as well as the guidelines is available online.

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