BRUSSELS,16 June 2010 - On June 30th following the European Open Health Forum, EFA will hold an important event hosted by MEP Catherine Stihler, at the European Parliament in Brussels to mark the launch of a new European Call to Action on COPD. COPD affects approximately 44 million in Europe, and is the fourth leading cause of mortality. The “EFA Book on COPD in Europe. Sharing and Caring” shed light on this “underdiagnosed, undertreated and neglected disease”. According to the WHO, if COPD is not tackled appropriately it stands to become the third leading cause of death worldwide by 2030. Despite these alarming facts, no common EU strategy has ever been adopted on respiratory diseases. EFA now aims to address this gap by uniting medical, political and patient communities to adopt a coordinated and comprehensive EU-wide strategy on COPD. Press release & Media Kit

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