28 November 2011
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- Air Quality

EFA hosted an event in Room A5E-3 (Alteiro Spinelli Building) at the European Parliament in Brussels to launch the EFA Book on Respiratory Allergies in Europe: Raising Awareness, Relieve the Burden.  The event also introduced EFA's Call to Action, which is available for the public and policymakers alike to sign online.

The event gathered together MEPs and other EU officials as well as the patient and medical communities to  address the challenge of an increasing prevalence of allergies in Europe. With approximately 20%-30% of the world population affected by some form of allergy, the event sought to highlight the necessity to diagnose and treat respiratory allergies properly. The event was chaired by Mrs. Elisabetta Gardini, MEP.  

The agenda is available for download here.

The Respiratory Allergy Book Launch Summary Report is also available to the public for download by clicking here.

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