Cecilia masters her asthma The Spanish association FENAER is preparing an English edition of the story "Cecilia masters her asthma". This story is written for boys and girls with asthma, as well as for their parents and caregivers. It teaches a simple breathing and relaxation technique via a children’s story; in order to make learning this technique easier. The book is accompanied by a CD that includes a recording of the story; in order to make learning this technique easier, the child has only to follow a few simple guidelines. The child can practice the technique as often as she needs to, until she is able to use it nearly spontaneously, without effort. In the early stages of an asthma attack, when symptoms are still mild, it is important that both children and their parents or caregivers react calmly. If the child sits in a comfortable space, breathing slowly through his nose and using his diaphragm, he will be more relaxed and will be better able to use his prescribed medications. Under no circumstances should using this breathing technique take precedence over following your doctor’s instructions. The team that has collaborated on the creation of this story hope that it helps to reduce the feelings of insecurity, suffering, and helplessness that are often the lot of patients who have the most severe forms of the illness.   Asthma Society Pre-Budget Submission 2014 Asthma Society of Ireland calls for Government to implement the National Asthma Programme and save the economy €167m per annum

  • With a National Asthma Programme (NAP) in place hospital admissions for asthma will be reduced by 1,645 by 2016
  • Finnish model reduced deaths by 90%, hospital bed days by 86% and cost by 71%
  • ASI is the national charity dedicated to advocating and empowering the 470,000 people in Ireland with asthma
  • Ireland has the fourth highest prevalence of asthma in the world 60% of people in Ireland have uncontrolled asthma
  • More than 1 person dies every week in Ireland from asthma and 90% of asthma deaths are preventable

The Asthma Society of Ireland has today called on the Irish Government to implement the National Asthma Programme (NAP) to stop preventable and unnecessary asthma deaths, reduce hospital admissions and to limit the number of days lost from school and work as a result of asthma. The model, which is based on a tried and tested Finnish model, could transform asthma care in Ireland. The National Asthma Programme has been in development since 2011 and is ready for implementation in 2014. The estimated economic burden of asthma in Ireland is set at €533 million per annum and adults suffering from the condition miss an average of 12 days at work each year.    In Finland a similar programme achieved spectacular results including:

  • A 90% reduction in deaths
  • An 86% reduction in hospital bed days
  • A 51% reduction in cost
  • A 71% reduction in the economic

Other initiatives in Australia and the UK have shown that similar asthma strategies centering on primary care and patient education can not only save lives but can also massively reduce the cost of treating asthma. - See more here

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