In May, EFA’s Members led allergy and asthma related activities during the World Asthma Day 2014. [caption id="attachment_5239" align="alignright" width="300"]06. Member News (FI) Fundraising Boxes from the Finnish Pieni Ele fundraising campaign[/caption] The Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation participated in the “Pieni Ele” (a small gesture in Finnish) fundraising campaign. The campaign, organized in parallel to the European elections, was a result of a collaboration of 18 disability and health organizations. Money collected from the campaign will serve to support the local patients’ organizations, the campaign itself and the central participating Finnish patient’s organisations. The Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation will use the funds to support local activities.     [caption id="attachment_5236" align="alignleft" width="300"]06. Member News (ES - Malaga race) FENAER Members together with Inacua staff in Málaga[/caption] The Spanish Federacion of National Respiratory Diseases Organisations (FENAER) mobilised several of its members to celebrate the World Asthma Day in different Spanish locations. In Málaga, members of the Association of Allergy and Asthma patients of Málaga (ALERMA) convinced their peers for a “Walk to improve breathing”, an event organised together with Inacua, a popular gymnasium. In Jaén, the Association of Asthma and Allergia Patients of Jaén (ALERJA) met with the Health and Education authorities to present them with the first Olive Pollen Allergy Congress in Spain. More than 200,000 (30% of the population) are affected by the abundant pollen produced by the 60 million olive trees in the region. The meeting gathered with many experts from different provincial delegations. In addition, ALERJA organised a workshop in the provincial museum to raise awareness of the effects of allergy and to share know-how with patients on how to manage allergies. Alejandro Gallego, member of ALERJA, presented the workshop in one of the top Spanish radios. In Madrid, FENAER together with the Madrilenian Organisation of Nursery in Schools (AMECE) and Educasma organised a workshop on self care to improve spring allergy and asthma among children. [caption id="attachment_5240" align="alignright" width="300"]06. Member News (SWE - WAD race) The Swedish Bertil Orrby, member of Barnallergifonden, cycled to raise funds for the association[/caption] The Swedish Astma och Allergi Förbundet celebrated the World Asthma Day in partnership with Apotek Hjärtat one of the major pharmacies in Sweden. The day consisted on informing about the ongoing “Child allergy year” and the fact that asthma is increasing among children in Sweden. More than 50 local associations participated representing all Swedish territory and informing from the pharmacies. The Association of Bulgarians with Bronchial Asthma, Allergy and COPD met with many candidates to the European elections before the ballots. Emil Radev, Member of the European Parliament (GERB/ ENP) was one of the candidates approached and declared being familiar with EFA’s Manifesto.

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