05 May 2015
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In April we had the pleasure to participate in a training on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) to increase patient involvement in development of medicines and medical devices. We also travelled to Sweden to show that We Care! about future healthcare systems and how patients can shape the research agenda to better respond to health needs.

Training Course for EUnetHTA Stakeholders

On the 23rd of April, EFA EU Policy and Membership Officer Jelena Malinina participated in the training course for EUnetHTA stakeholders organised by Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services (NOKC) and the Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE).

The overall aim of the course was to increase understanding of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) as well as to provide patients and providers with tools and information on how to facilitate participation in HTA processes. The course included practical exercises to understand the types of information included in the submission template and evidence requirements from European agencies for both pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

We Care project final conference

EFA was invited by the European Patient Forum to participate in the final conference of the WE CARE Project on the 14-15 April in Gothenburg, Sweden. The project aims to develop a European Research and Development roadmap that will guide future research innovations towards sustainable and affordable healthcare.

Key note speakers presented the key topics identified in the project, such as the patient’s role, quality measures, technology, disease prevention and health promotion, and contracting strategies and incentive systems. These findings will serve as the foundation for an innovative Research and Development Roadmap that aims to influence the upcoming calls under the Horizon 2020 program, the EC programme for research.

The panels concluded with a key note session on patient empowerment by Robert Johnstone, EPF Board member, pointing out once more the importance of the patient and public involvement and engagement in healthcare. For more information on the conference and the presentations, please visit the project webpage.

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