05 May 2015
Asthma , COPD
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In April we launched a call for asthma patients who wish to become experts in myAirCoach consortium, an EU research project that is developing a mobile health system to self-manage asthma. We also participated in AirPROM Annual Meeting in London, an EU project that is creating a virtual model of the lung that can be used by scientists and healthcare professionals to predict disease and match treatment for asthma and COPD patients.

myAirCoach Advisory Patient Forum: have a say in a European research project on asthma

EFA, together with Asthma UK, invite you to join the myAirCoach Advisory Patient Forum. The myAirCoach project aims to develop a mobile health (mHealth) personalised asthma monitoring system to improve the self-management of asthma. Only by involving people affected by asthma we can ensure that myAirCoach addresses the needs of the asthma community.

The role of the Advisory Patient Forum is to provide feedback and insight from the perspective of patients to ensure that myAirCoach system is relevant to their needs and can be efficiently used by patients in their daily lives.

If you wish to become one of the expert asthma patients that will advise the myAirCoach consortium and are you interested in developing more knowledge on mHealth and self-management solutions for asthma patients, write us and join the Advisory Patient Forum! For further information and for applying please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AirPROM Annual Meeting 

On 20th and 21st April took place the Annual Meeting of the European project AirPROM in London. AirPROM aims to create a virtual model of the lung that can be used by scientists and healthcare professionals to predict the disease and match the appropriate treatment for patients.

The annual meeting represented an opportunity for all partners to share the results of activities in all project work-packages and to focus on recent developments in clinical trials, tissue models and organ level models.

The meeting was crucial to discuss how to integrate data from all project teams and to move forward in view of the last year of activities within the project. In this sense, discussions focused on the publications plan and the exploitation strategy, dedicated to the potential commercialization of AirPROM products as well as to the development of future research pathways in the field.

EFA President Breda Flood and EFA Project Manager Giuseppe De Carlo had the opportunity to discuss together with representatives from the European Lung Foundation and the European Respiratory Society next activities in terms of dissemination, including the organization of a final event to communicate the project results to policy makers, public and patients and the presence of AirPROM in the next ERS Congress (26-30 September 2015).

New submitted proposals

In April EFA joined different European consortium, composed of research institutes, healthcare professionals, SMEs and patient organizations, for the submission of project proposals under Horizon 2020, the EU framework programme for research and innovation.

These proposals address the self-management of health and disease through decision support systems based on new technologies and the understanding of the mechanisms that are common to several diseases, with a focus on those leading to co-morbidities.

EFA’s participation in the consortiums will ensure a full involvement of patients in all phases of the project and in particular in the definition of patients’ needs and requirements for the development of new devices and in the translation of research findings in patient-friendly language.

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