02 June 2015
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On 20-21 May, EFA participated at the European Patients' Forum (EPF) Conference on Patient Empowerment. The conference served to gather all partners involved in healthcare and the involvement of patients in all decisions affecting their health, and represents a milestone that builds on the results of the EU-Funded project “EMPATHiE” (Empowering Patients in their Health Management in Europe.

At EFA, we have been advocating for the involvement of patients in all decisions affecting their health, so that they can have active lives. As an EPF Member, EFA supports the Patient Empowerment campaign and will contribute to the Patients Prescribe E5 tagline, a slogan that refers to five key aspects crucial to Patient Empowerment: 

  • Education: patients can make informed decisions about their health if they are able to access all the relevant information, in an easily understandable format.
  • Expertise: patientsself-manage their condition every day so they have a unique expertise on healthcare which needs to be supported.
  • Equality: patients need support to become equal partners with health professionals in the management of their condition.
  • Experience: individual patients work with patient organisations to represent them, and channel their experience and collective voice.
  • Engagement: patients need to be involved in designing more effective healthcare for all, and in research to deliver new and better treatments and services

Please visit EPF's website to have more information on the campaign and the presentations at the conference launch. 

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