01 July 2015
EU, Spain
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EFA EU Policy and Membership Office Jelena Malinina attended the final conference of the EU funded project PALANTE presented eHealth solutions devoted to enhancing the role of patients in the management of their diseases in order to lessen the overall burden of chronic diseases.

PALANTE (PAtients Leading and mANaging their healThcare through EHealth) focuses on the implementation, scaling up and optimisation of seven pilot projects based on the concept of secure and user friendly online access by patients to their medical and health data.

One of the 7 pilots of PALANTE focused on the introduction of tele-assistance service for chronic patients to provide them with treatment support, education and guidance so that they become active partners of their health management process. The pilot will target patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases including asthma and COPD.

This pilot will integrate all the data and information that a patient generates with the information that the health services already have on the patient. This integration will be done in an easy-to-use intuitive and two-directional scenario. The pilot enables the following services:

  • Patient’s access to their personal health record
  • Chronic disease management support services
  • Tailored education and lifestyle guidance

The pilot will be validated in the Basque Country region (Spain) for 150 patients suffering from respiratory chronic conditions (asthma, COPD) as a first step. Once the outcomes are assessed the service will be extended to all respiratory chronic patients who are suitable for using the service as well as to other chronic diseases. Approximately 135,000 people in the Basque Country live with asthma and COPD.

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