01 July 2015
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EFA Member FFAAIR (Fédération Française des Associations et Amicales de malades, Insuffisants ou handicapés Respiratoires) met on 5-7 June in Grenoble to celebrate its 27th Annual General Meeting. More than 80 representatives from FFAAIR membership participated to the gathering that was devoted to the physical activity of patients and to treatment adherence. FFAAIR President presented an online program developed for sleep apnoea patients that aims to facilitate and optimize the relationship patients have with medical professionals and to promote a multidisciplinary approach.

During FFAAIR CongressPhilippe Poncet, a COPD patient needing oxygen treatment, inspired many when he cycled 200 meters in 15 seconds breaking the record speed at the Grenoble stadium.

201506 FFAAIR Annual Congress



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