01 October 2015
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On the 14th of October EFA President Christine Rolland will speak at the “European need for precision medicine in allergy and airways diseases” symposium. The event is jointly organised by the European Academy for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI), the European Rhinologic Society (ERS) and the European Medical Association (EMA), and will be hosted by Member of the European Parliament David Borrelli.

At the event, the Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Vytenis Andriukaitis, and MEP Sirpa Pietikaïnen (Finland, EPP), who chairs the European Parliament Interest Group on Allergy and Asthma, will present the health priorities for Europe during their mandates.

The panelists will debate how achieving precision medicine is the new challenge for academia, regulators, industry and patients. To us, the patients precision medicine means an opportunity to have, and be part of invividualised, tailored care. The discussions will serve to set the basis for an action plan to use precision medicine for tackling the burden of allergy and airways disease in Europe. Precision medicine could serve to shift from acute and mostly reactive medicine to a more tailored approach, defined as P4: predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory medicine with patients as partners in the development process for biomarkers & drugs.

We would be delighted to see you at the symposium. Registration is open This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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