04 November 2015
Allergy, Food Allergy
- Food Safety

On the 22nd of October, EFA EU Senior Advisor, Roberta Savli, was invited to talk about the management of allergy and anaphylaxis in public spaces at the annual congress of the Italian Association of Allergologists.

The 3 day congress was opened with a roundtable, which included representatives of patients' organisations, such as EFA and both Italian members, Federasma e allergie and Food Allergy Italia, as well as doctors and other healthcare professionals. 

The event underlined the need to create a network to reach the objective of early diagnosis and better treatment for allergic patients. Roberta Savli presented the burden of disease for patients with food allergy, highlighting the nutritional, social and psychological consequences, and she identified key requests from patients' perspective.

Dear Visitor,

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