07 March 2016
- Digital Health, - Medicines

Since February several representatives from myAirCoach Advisory Patient Forum will be more intensively involved in the different myAirCoach Workpackages that deal with the conception of an asthma management digital trainer, testing, prototype design, tailored device models and promotion. Patients’ views will enable researchers to benefit from their feedback immediately, instead of receiving it retrospectively.

EFA, as leader of myAirCoach dissemination has updated the myAirCoach dissemination plan, tailored to the 2016 dissemination objectives and strategy. During the course of this second project year we plan to (1) raise awareness about the innovations and potential solutions provided by the project and promote interest in the final outputs, (2) to engage with representatives from the stakeholder groups and our target audience and (3) to inform and educate target audiences in relation to the myAirCoach immediate findings.

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