04 May 2016
- Healthcare

AirPROM will end in June and partners are currently finalizing all activities and integrating the results.

The latest AirPROM findings were discussed during the final partner meeting held in Leicester last April 20-21. Consortium partners presented micro- and macro-small airway models and a macro-large airway model, this is representing at a scale the human lung to see how it works. This final stage of the project will serve to integrate all captured data and results to develop accurate models that will provide better diagnosis for different types of asthma and COPD, better monitoring of the disease and personalized treatment, resulting in an improved quality of life of the patients.

AirPROM results will be presented to the public on the 31st of May in a conference and debate organised by EFA at the European Parliament. The event will be hosted by MED David Borrelli and will serve also to open a discussion on how computer modelling can enable personalized and precision medicine approaches and how these can be promoted and facilitated in Europe.

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To know more about AirPROM and our role in this project, visit our dedicated page.

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