02 June 2016
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EFA together with our membership, and under the leadership of Asthma UK, have launched the Malaga-London declaration, a document drafted within the European Asthma Research and Innovation Partnership (EARIP), a project that is building a coordinated and integrated approach to asthma research, development and innovation across Europe.

The Málaga-London declaration is a genuine patient initiative to call for the establishment of strategic framework for asthma research and for the provision of specific funding for asthma within the EU research and innovation funding programmes. Through it, EFA and its Members encourage the involvement of asthma patient organisations and patients in the discussions and consultations around the development of national strategies on asthma.

The Málaga-London declaration started to develop at EFA’s 2015 Annual General Meeting in Málaga, when EFA Members agreed to support EARIP values. After 12 months collecting the results from the different EARIP partners, the Declaration was launched in London during EFA’s 2016 Networking meeting, on the 24th May.

In the Declaration, 15 EFA members agreed with EARIP research priorities in asthma, i.e. diagnostic, triggers and risk factors in severe asthma and technological tools for asthma self-management, welcomed the development of regional and national asthma programmes in Europe, and addressed specific requests to the European Commission, the European Parliament and national policy makers. If those members who did not yet sign, or were not present are interested please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Málaga-London declaration will have a depository website at EFA website and will be promoted with specific action at both EU and local level.  

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