05 July 2016
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For many years, EFA Member Asthma and Allergy Denmark has analysed indoor paint products to see if they met the standards of their blue wreath, a seal that enables allergic consumers to easily find if a product contains the highly allergenic preservative MI.

The possibility of getting the blue wreath has existed for several years. But it is only now that a producer has met all the requirements to get it. “We have had criteria for paint in a few years but as no product could attain it we have continuously asked us if the criteria were so tight that no one could make them”, says Rikke Bille, head of the Blue Wreath.

According to figures from the National Allergy Research Centre in Denmark, the number of MI-allergy sufferers has tripled since 2005, positioning the MI as the most problematic preservative related to allergies.

The fact that one producer has finally put in the market a paint without MI is a great victory for Allergy and Asthma Denmark, as many MI-allergy sufferers will have now have the opportunity to avoid paint that can make them sick.

To know the products sealed with the Blue Wreath, please consult Asthma and Allergy Denmark website.

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