07 February 2017
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In November 2016, we met in Manchester with our partners of the Horizon 2020 project myAirCoach to track the status quo in all work-packages, the main results achieved in 2016 and to plan the third and last project year.

Among the on-going work, we followed the test campaigns in London, Manchester and Leiden, that have just started with the recruitment of 150 patients. They will help investigating and validating myAirCoach physiological, behavioral and environmental markers that provide values to accurately predict asthma. The details about the test campaigns are shown in the infographic below.

Other relevant myAirCoach achievements in 2016 include the sensor-based smart-inhaler prototype, the creation of virtual models of the lung and the development of the myAirCoach user interface and mobile application.

You will find all these updates, including the efforts of the Advisory Patient Forum in integrating the patient perspective in the myAirCoach system and the main dissemination activities, in the project newsletter launched last December and available at this link! Please sign up and share the newsletter with your colleagues and check the project's social media and website for more information and news.

If you wish to know more about myaircoach, please visit our website

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