The Written Declaration 115/2016 on chronic respiratory diseases, an initiative of a group of Members of the European Parliament to gather support to prevention and care for chronic respiratory diseases, closed on January 24th with 249 signatures.

EFA has been leading the promotion of the written declaration within the European Parliament, together with eight other European organisations, to increase awareness about the burden of these diseases for patients, carers and the society and to pledge for action at European level.

Although the Written Declaration had not reached the quorum to be adopted by the European Parliament (249 out of 751), the collective effort put by civil society organisations promoting the declaration has served to inform the Members of the European Parliament about the needs of allergy and respiratory patients. The result is that today 1 in 3 MEPs has shown their support and commitment to think health when adopting policies that could affect our respiratory system.

EFA wishes to thank the 12 MEPs who put forward the declaration as well as the more 249 MEPs that have committed to act, believe and care about chronic respiratory diseases with signature.

MEPs representing countries like Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Romania have demonstrated to be the most senstitive when it comes to allergy and respiratory health, as they got the highest percentages of signatory MEPs to the written declaration.  

In the words of EFA President Mikaela Odemyr, thanks to the written declaration 115 “our messages went through the policy makers very well, and I am very proud of EFA, its work and the staff”. In the last 2 months and half, EFA has been in close contact with Parliamentarian offices; organised a spirometry test event at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and a conference at the European Parliament in Brussels where policy makers, researchers, journalists, and stakeholders participated.

EFA warmly thanks all the European partners that have taken this journey with us. We are proud of the teamwork spirit and we are just awaiting for another opportunity to share objectives and consolidate our relationship even more. We wish to also thank all the supporters and promoters, from MEPS, and organisations to patients and career, who all engaged for the good purpose.

Underpinning the written declaration support

EFA, together with EAACI, will launch a call to action in the coming months, building on the political asks set on the written declaration. Through the European Parliament Interest Group on Allergy and Asthma, a group of MEPs engaged on allergy and asthma issues, we will keep working on:

  • increase prevention and timely diagnosis
  • combating risk factors and health determinates such environmental aspects - indoor and outdoor air quality will be a key topic
  • access to reimbursements

Now, it’s time to get ready for the next adventure: the call to action! EFA will keep you informed in the coming months but in the meantime, please, also get ready to support our next actions!

Act. Believe. Care.

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for regularly updated information on Covid-19 for allergy and respiratory patients, please consult our Covid-19 resource and information hub.
Stay safe!
The EFA Team