08 June 2017
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In the frame of the publication of the Global Impact report, the Forum of International Respiratory Diseases launch a Global Charter for Lung Health and call on World Health Organisation member states to observe a "World Lung Day". The call aspires to secure 100,000 signatures from health-care professionals and organizations for subsequent consideration by the World Health Organization for global recognition. EFA joins this call to action towards to reduce the burden of respiratory disease and improve global health.

The report, which describes the impact that respiratory disease has on world health, was released at A Call to Action for Lung Health, a World Health Assembly Side Event that took place in May held in conjunction with the 70th World Health Assembly. The event included world leaders in respiratory heath, uniting in a call for action to improve lung health globally.

The charter emphasizes the global burden of lung disease and outline prevention strategies aligned with sustainable development priorities, including reduction of tobacco use, clean urban air, sustainable energy, climate change mitigation, and reducing the spread of infection. 

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