08 June 2017
- Healthcare

EU collaboration in the field of health is indispensable for the future of Europe and rebuilding the trust of citizens in the European Union. 70% of Europeans want the EU to do more for health, according to the most recent Eurobarometer survey. With such a strong, unequivocal demand from EU citizens for more action in the field of health, it is essential that this is not only maintained, but actually enhanced

That is why EFA, jointly with 38 health organisations sent an open letter to the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, asking him to improve health action and coordination within the Union. Concretely, the campaign aims to ensure a continued EU action on health, supported by a robust EU health programme under the leadership of a dedicated directorate in the European Commission

Life expectancy is rising across the EU. Accession to the Union is positively correlated with health gains and longer lives. Without EU level action and support of the Health Programme, EU citizens would be more at risk from health threats

By facilitating closer cooperation, the EU has saved countless citizens’ lives and contributed to their improvement. The conclusions of the previous Health Programme evaluation were extremely positive, with evidence of its impact beyond its relatively modest (financial) size, and exchange of knowledge and experience between member states which would not otherwise have taken place. 

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