04 July 2017
- Healthcare

Daniela Morghenti, EFA EU policy adviser, participated at the ERS Annual Presidential Summit hosted at Ghent University on the 13th -14th of June, where “A public health approach to respiratory health” was discussed.

Different academics presented lastest research on personalised medicine, with the possibility to detect and cure disease at individual level.

The Summit had the aim to address the following issues:    

  • Is respiratory disease a particular case in terms of public health?
  • What can we benefit from looking at respiratory health through the lens of public health?
  • How should we identify research needs?
  • How should interventions be targeted and at what

EFA welcomes the last scientific research, which will improve management of patients medical treatments while taking into consideration their needs and uniqueness as individual. Personalised diagnosis and patients’ treatment should always take into consideration the patient’s individual circumstances and perceptions as well as genetic traits and molecular basis of the disease

The different presentations are available here

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