06 September 2017
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Youth and children with food allergies face significant challenges in their development to live a full life. One of these challenges is travelling abroad, tossing aside the "home's security" and managing their allergy themselves to avoid risky situations and prevent allergic reactions.

Cèlia, a 14 years old girl extremely allergic to cow's milk protein, has lived her first experience by participating in a one week school exchange in Lithuania under the European Union's Erasmus program.

Cèlia, her teachers and parents have shared on the AEPNAA website their experiences in the preparation and development of this trip.

Her father, Toni, has written "We would like to thank all those who have made it possible for Cèlia to have enjoyed this great experience. This story has to be told and explained because many families need to know the key skills and experiences that other families go through. With everyone's expertise, we add a better future for our children”.

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