06 September 2017
Europe, Spain
Asthma , COPD, Allergy
- Healthcare

On June 30th, EFA Ambassador to the South and Board Secretary Carlos Nunes participated in the annual open days of CIBERES, the Spanish Biomedical Research Network Center on Respiratory Diseases. Ciberes gathers 33 national groups focused on basic, clinical and epidemiology research for respiratory diseases.

Mr Nunes was invited to present on how to involve patients in the research work of Ciberes, where he stated that every meaningful solution for patients involves them, otherwise it is very unlikely that solutions would respond to their specific needs. Together with representatives of Spanish patients associations, including EFA Member, FENAER, Mr Nunes highlighted that patients associations ensure the individual participation of patients, a collective and strong voice, and patient friendly communication of research advance.

Read the full presentation (in Spanish) 



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