06 September 2017
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Europe is in an ideal position to take the leading role health and wellbeing’ according to the new editorial of Progress and Preventive Medicine “Viva Europa, a land of excellence in research and innovation for health and wellbeing” EFA , together with leading research, science, health and pharmaceutical experts and organizations co-authored the article..

The editorial proposes the European Commission to  build on the outstanding work carried out already by the European Research Council  -an EU agency active for already more than 10 years– the IMI –the world’s biggest public-private drug development partnership- to better grasp health as wellbeing of the population, and putting patient at the center.

Today “we live a historical moment, witnessing a true metamorphosis from a reactive to a proactive practice of medicine: for the first time, humanity has the ability to follow proactively the health of the entire population by combining Participatory Prevention and Personalized Prediction (P4 Medicine) of disorders across the entire health spectrum”.

The Alliance for Health and Wellbeing would promote and be the custodian of a universal standard for communication of health data similar to the GSM standard that enabled the widespread use of mobile phones. The future, building on the past, can be, and is bright for EU research and integration into care.

See the full editorial here

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