06 September 2017
- Air Quality

EFA has responded to the European Comission procedure to assess the added value of the aimbient air quality directive. This novel process, called REFIT, allows to check the relevance of a given policy by allowing stakeholders’ s feedback. 

The EU added value of the directives is clear: air pollution knows no border and EU actions are required. Citizens want to see more actions on environment, as demonstrated by a recent Eurobarometer study. This is even more evident when these actions have the clear potential to improve their health.

When checking the directives, the costs related to health effects of air pollution should also be taken into consideration and not only those related to the actions to implement the measures.

It is important to continue underlining the special needs of the most vulnerable groups, such as pregnant women, children, the elderly and patients. These are the ones more affected by air pollution and special arrangements need to be put in place.

It should be considered that the World Health Organisation is reviewing his guidelines and that he might become even stricter. Therefore, this outcome should be reflected in the new proposals.

Importance should be given also to measures that facilitate the implementation of the legislation at the national level and a stricter control mechanisms should be put in place.

Our submission to roadmap of the European Commission on the Fitness Check of the Ambient Air Quality legislation:

See EFA’s activity on Air quality:

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