06 September 2017
- Healthcare

The Estonian presidency of the council of the European Union has started on the 1st July. The small Baltic state has chosen to bring to the its first-ever presidency of the EU some hints of its success: openness, security, digitalization and sustainability.

On the health framework, the Estonians have stablished two main priorities: first of all, tackling the harmful use of alcohol and, secondly, advancing digital innovation in health (eHealth). On eHealth, they will focus on how to create the necessary conditions for the wider use and cross-border movement of health data, both for treatment and research and development (R&D). 

eHealth is one of the leading future opportunities ,especially regarding data cross – border , as eTriks conference confirmed in the past month (see debates and events related to the topic where has participated here) and Systems Medicines Conference

EFA is actively working on ehealth, specifically on Asthma field, with myAirCoach project. (Learn More about this project:

However, the Estonians will also continue work on other topics, such as HIV, veterinary medicines, and the recently launched Action Plan on antimicrobial resistance (AMR); as well as sustainable health systems, started by previous EU presidencies.


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