01 December 2017

EFA Dutch member Longsfonds launched a mini documentary to mark World COPD Day. In the film, Lia Breed explains her story. How she had to stop to stop working just before her retirement because she was diagnosed with COPD. In the documentary, director Nina de Vriendt (De Haaien) shows what Lia's life looks like now. Due to the limited lung capacity, Lia suffers from severe distress: "You do not know where to get the air from. You start to sweat, sweat a lot, because you do not get air in."

Longfonds director Michael Rutgers explained that Lia gives a face to the this disease, usually unknown depite the fact that the World Health Organization predicts that COPD in 2030 will be the third cause of death in the world. “We hope that this documentary helps to cultivate more understanding', he added.

Watch the full documentary with subtitles here:

Learn more in their website: 

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