01 December 2017
Europe, Sweden

On the 17th November EFA’s Isabel Proaño attended online the respiratory update organised by the European Respiratory Society in Stockholm, Sweden. The programme was of extreme interest for EFA’s work, not only because it was a one day opportunity to catch up with the latest and more meaningful research for the diagnosis and management of respiratory diseases, but also because the programme provided with cutting-edge insights that could be of immediate application to improve patients’ lives. The day opened with the COPD findings, focused firstly on the review of the GOLD guidelines and followed by the latest evidence confirming pulmonary rehabilitation does work for COPD patients. In that presentation, Mr Troosters showed that supervised physical activity either out-patient or telemedicine, and physical routines improving body balance have a good impact on COPD patients.

After hearing from the latest developments on the diagnosis of pneumonia and treatments for Idiopatic Pulmonary Hypertension, the asthma session was awaiting with a synopsis of the clinical trials ongoing to help severe asthma patients treat their disease. Dr ten Brinken, in charge of that presentation, gave an excellent resume of the different hypothesis for treatment currently under study and what would they bring for patients. She also mentioned the call for a shift in asthma thinking that we reported in October.

The closing of the day was very interesting too, with the summary of new evidence for the management on lung cancer through targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

We sincerely congratulate ERS for this wrap-up summary of the discoveries presented in Congress in Milano as it was a fantastic opportunity for patients to be updated with the latest research in an accessible way.

For more information, visit the update page and programme.

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