06 March 2018
Food Allergy
- Food Safety

Food allergy is becoming increasingly common in infants and young children. Managing this disease can be a great challenge due to the patients’ young age. Researchers have been looking at how to develop a patient-specific approach to guide the diet of children with food allergies.

According to the authors of the publication ‘A patient-specific approach to develop an exclusion diet to manage food allergy in infants and children’, we should take into consideration external factors such as industry, environment, food and nutrition literacy, cross-contact/contamination and safe eating away from home. For example, increasing migration and travel has led to the exposure of unfamiliar foods, but the authors encourage parents and children with food allergies to continue travelling and enjoying it, by adapting their diets abroad. They also praise food labelling, as labels and food labelling laws lead to a better management of food allergy in patients.

Read the full guidance here.

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