06 March 2018

EFA president Mikaela Odemyr represented COPD patients at All Heart’s Day, in February 14th, an event  organised by EFA Swedish member the Heart and Lung association to raise awareness on cardiovascular diseases, the group that causes the highest number of deaths in the Sweden. 

COPD patients are often cardiovascular disease patients. COPD covers different chronic lung diseases that cause changes in several different parts of the respiratory system. As oxygen is necessary for the correct functioning of body organs, COPD is commonly linked to other comorbidities, with cardiovascular disease being the most common and significant.

Mikaela explained EFA’s work on COPD and advocacy activities at EU level and presented our #COPDMove project, a series of videos from COPD patients, motivating others to exercise to combat disease progression.

Access our #COPDMove testimonials and training tutorial in these links.

201802 Mikaela All heart day 14 february

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