03 April 2018
COPD, Food Allergy
- Food Safety

Last 23rd of March, EFA took part in the first EU patients’ task force on nutrition organised by the European Patients’ Forum. The kick-off of this discussion platform is of particular interest for EFA as representative of European patients that are directly or indirectly affected by problems related to food.

There is no cure for food allergies, the only protection being the abstention from the allergen causing the reaction. Consumers suffering from allergies must therefore be able to identify the ingredients they are sensitive to. Allergies may cause several symptoms, ranging from gastro-intestinal problems, eczemas, urticaria to airway obstructions and cardiovascular shocks and so information on food allergens is seen as one crucial prevention measure. A challenge for patients with allergies may also be undernutrition.

Proper nutrition is also crucial for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Cachexia and muscle wasting is a frequent complication in patients with COPD and is characterised by a weight loss. A well-balanced diet is beneficial, not only for the potential gains in the pulmonary status, but also for lowering metabolic and cardiovascular risks. Nutritional supplement therapy has been proved to not only improve undernutrition in COPD patients but is also beneficial in the prevention of the development, progression, and exacerbation of COPD. In order to increase the overall survival rate and decrease morbidity in patients with COPD, the nutritional aspect should be incorporated into the management of this disease.

EFA participated as an active member of the task force, highlighting all these issues. Throughout 2018, the task force will develop patients-friendly guidelines on nutrition and EFA aims to bring the perspective of patients with allergy, asthma and COPD.

More information on EPF’s nutrition task for is available here.

Please consult EPF position paper on nutrition here.

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