03 May 2018
United Kingdom
Food Allergy

This year the World Allergy Week took place from the 23d of April to the 29th of April, with many patient initiatives to raise awareness about allergies.

EFA Member Allergy UK focused on the topic of traveling with allergies, providing tips and information for allergic patients to travel safely. The aim was to inform and raise awareness of the issues faced by allergies when travelling. As Carla Jones, CEO of Allergy UK, said during an interview for the WeGiveIt website “The severity of allergic disease is still not understood in our society”.

Highlighting this World Allergy Week, the Allergy UK also celebrated the UK’s Allergy Heroes on Thursday 26th April with the Allergy Hero Awards 2018 Ceremony at Haberdashers’ Hall, in London. Honouring “the achievements of those who have either overcome their own personal challenges; who have perhaps gone the extra mile when it comes to raising awareness of allergy or have done things to help or support people living with allergy.

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