04 May 2018
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SHARP is a Clinical Research Collaboration promoted by the European Respiratory Society. It stands for Severe Heterogeneous Asthma Research Collaboration, Patient centred and it aims to facilitate studies that improve the life of people with asthma and to bring people with asthma at the centre of the research environment.

A Patient Advisory Group, which also includes Giuseppe De Carlo from EFA, has been assembled to serve this specific purpose. In the last months the PAG worked to identify the most important research questions in severe asthma, addressing different themes such as comprehensive care, patient centred outcomes, and personalisation of care.

The PAG met in Zurich last 24th of April to confront the questions identified which were then taken to the broader SHARP Stakeholder Board Meeting taking place the day after. In that occasion patients, healthcare professionals, and industry representatives discussed the priorities in severe asthma from their own perspective and agreed on the research questions that SHARP will aim to address in the short, medium and longer term.

EFA will continue to bring the perspective of people with asthma to this exciting research collaboration which really puts the patients at the centre (two patients are chair and co-chair of SHARP Steering Committee).

Find more information on SHARP here.

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