04 May 2018

EFA’s president Mikaela Odemyr (Stockholm) and Susanna Palkonen (Brussels) took part in the ERS first ever Satellite symposium, dedicated to where we are with diagnosis, treatment and care for severe asthma and where the science is going. It happened simultaneously in eight cities in Europe and streamed online. The severe asthma research is moving fast but as our knowledge advances we understand how heterogenous it is.

This makes the case for individualised diagnosis and care and more targeted treatments to improve the outcomes for people with severe asthma. Targeted treatments are happening now and are on their way, but they are always added on top of the regular therapy.

Accessibility and who will benefit from treatments calls for personalized medicine. For many patients severe asthma is trial and error and that can take decades. Patients need to be at the core. We also met the ERS Severe asthma taskforce chair Guy Brussele, who kindly agreed to support us with his medical advice for our Severely Asthma Project! EFA would like to congratulate the ERS for the symposium as it served as a basis to update us on where we are with severe asthma research.

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