11 July 2018
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The Global Allergy and Asthma Patient Platform (GAAPP) of which we are Board Member has launched “Define Your  Asthma”, an educational campaign to “provide knowledge, confidence and impetus for asthma patients to engage in positive, well informed conversations about their asthma and its treatment.”

Asthma is a common chronic respiratory disease effecting the airways in the lungs, but it is not a single disease. While science is working on the classification of the most severe types of asthma, patients are not always well informed on the different ‘asthmas’ and therefore on how to tackle them. Informing patients about severe asthma and how to differentiate it and act on it, can be a real empowerment and life changing process.

As GAAPP Member, we are fully supporting this campaign which is adding weight to the one we have launched three months ago, “Severely, Asthma!”.  Together we are leading the way to bring awareness on patients’ lives and points of view, improving their lives for the better.

You can support the “Define your Asthma” campaign here.

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Severely, asthma! Real patients’ life stories

At EFA, we are also working on encouraging patients to learn more about their asthma, especially if they are living with severe symptoms that do improve with medication. In our “Severely, asthma!” project, real severe asthma patients across Europe are sharing their life-experiences, about their diagnosis, treatment, expectations from research, and how air quality and other factors affects their asthma and daily lives.

Watch now our “Severely, Asthma! videos here. There are four more to come!

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