18 September 2018
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- Medicines

In July, our Director Susanna Palkonen chaired a meeting on behalf of the European Patients’ Forum and coordinated by the Association of Medical Research Charities UK (AMRC) to meet the Brexit taskforce at the European Commission in charge of negotiating issues relevant to patients: medicines, research partnerships, clinical trials. The meeting was clarifying because the moment the UK leaves, and presuming that they adopt the EU legislation as it is, changes and implementation will not be negotiated with the UK anymore separately. The purpose of the meeting was to emphasise patients as a specific group that will be affected and whose rights need to be safeguarded. A concrete outcome of the meeting is that the Commission will work on a preparedness guidance on clinical trials. We also asked to include patients in the foreseen so-called Brexit Declaration. A follow up meeting will take place later in the year.

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