19 November 2018
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During a launch event on 9th October, the European Patients’ Forum launched a Manifesto calling on the political leaders of the EU, Members of the European Parliament and the future Commission, to ensure health is an EU policy priority and that patients’ rights are implemented across the EU by taking concrete actions on the issues that matter most to patients. EU action on health matters to patients and their priorities and they should be on the driver seat of European projects.

The event saw an intervention from European Commissioner for Health Vytenis Andriukaitis deliver an important message on the importance of EU for patients and endorsing EPF's five key messages for the upcoming EU elections.

The five priorities of the manifesto are:

- Accessing the healthcare we need with no discrimination

- Being empowered

- Driving the development of digital health

- Being a partner in driving better research

- Helping make better health policy

More information and the manifesto itself can be found here.

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