18 February 2019
Asthma , COPD
- Air Quality

The World Health Organisation (WHO) COP24 special report on health and climate change shows that climate change undermines people’s access to clean air, safe drinking-water, sufficient food and secure shelter. And it is especially the poorest, most vulnerable communities such as allergy and airways diseases patients, the ones experiencing these effects the most.

Drivers of climate change are drivers of bad health conditions

Burning fossil fuels such as coal or diesel poses a heavy disease toll and is a major contribution to the seven million deaths caused annually by air pollution. Sectors producing the vast amount of harmful air pollutants to health include energy, housing, transport and agriculture.

According to the report, millions of lives are lost unnecessarily because of air pollution exceeding the mitigation commitments reached through the Paris Agreement in 2016. The report highlights that  improving reallocation of available resources and spending, however, would allow to reduce the health impacts of climate change.

Recommendations: Reduce pollutants, reallocate investments & increase engagement

To access the report and all recommendations, click here.

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