Advocacy and communications are strongly interlinked. For both, social media are fantastic channels to spread messages and share information quickly and in real-time to our audiences. However given that these tools are relatively new for corporate communications, social media use is not systematic among patients and patients groups. 

How to maximise success on social media platforms?

In our first 2019 EFA capacity building session on April 4th, Vicky Marissen from the EPPA explained how to adequately use social media for advocacy and to raise awareness. Participants learned about the basics to use social media successfully: planning, preparing and monitoring of messages; interactions with followers; and authentic story-telling and campaigning.

#ShowLeadership: practical implementation of fresh insights

Building on recentinsights, Maximilian Kunisch from EFA introduced our planned social media activities for EFA #ShowLeadership campaign. EFA Members went through the material developed to encourage policy makers for action on allergy and airways diseases, and how they can make a difference also using social media, if we all collectively convey the same needs in Europe.  EFA is providing ready-to-use materials to its Members so that supporting the campaign is a low-effort activity, aggregating into a successful awareness-raising campaign.

A recording of the webinar has been shared online with Members.

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