18 April 2019
Food Allergy
- Food Safety

To mark World Allergy Week celebrated last 7-13 of April 2019, EFA together with its Members launched a social media campaign called #DetectiveFood.

First EFA project specifically focused on food allergy

#DetectiveFood is an initiative arising from FOOD DETECTives, the first EFA project specifically focused on food allergy in 2019. Through this project, EFA aims at improving the quality of life of people with food allergy and at reducing the risk of anaphylaxis in Europe.

FOODDETECTives #DetectiveFood is framed within the 2011 EU Food Information to Consumers Regulation, which recognises 14 allergens. Entered into force in 2014, this law requires mandatory allergen information for all foods in Europe, whether they are packed or non-prepacked foods, and details that allergens in pre-packed food need to be clearly stated in the ingredients’ list.

Yet, however, many people living with food allergy experience that allergen labelling is either done not sufficiently - providing a potential risk of illness or even anaphylaxis – or is done overusing may contain mentions – preventing people with food allergy from eating foods in a misleading way and thus inducing sometimes risk-taking behavior.

Through #DetectiveFood EFA at its Members aim to collect, map and join the voices of individual patients and carers in social media who witness and experience good and bad practices when looking for information on the allergens they need to avoid (the full report is available here).

Become a #DetectiveFood and show us good and bad practice of allergen labelling

#DetectiveFood is open to everyone to wishes to denounce their experience when purchasing or consuming foods commercialised in Europe. Whether you are in a supermarket, restaurant or stand, you can show other European patients and regulators your experience. For that, share a post on Facebook or Twitter with the following information:

  • On Twitter: use the #DetectiveFood hashtag and/or tag @EFA_Patients
  • On Facebook: use the #DetectiveFood hashtag and/or tag @EFAPatients
  • Take a picture of the food and/or the allergen information
  • Identify the city where that food is sold
  • Identify the brand, food operator or restaurant where the food has been seen/bought

Within this project EFA is working hand in hand with our members, especially our Food Allergy Working Group. To see our members, click here.

We are looking forward to hear from your experience!

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